Statistically out of range

In college I took statistics.  I loved it.  Things just made sense, there was a logic to things. After college, I worked for the US Dept. of Labor doing auditing and compliance work related to discrimination.  Companies would send in their employment numbers, we would analyze them using statistics.  If their numbers were in the range of natural distribution, we would move on.  If we found a statistical anomaly, we would ask the company to explain the anomaly.  I use this model in life.  People tell me their story. If their story falls within a range of natural distribution, I buy it.  If not, I ask the storyteller to explain the anomaly.  When a storyteller tells me a story that falls outside of the range of natural distribution, I always pause, calculating in my mind. Unfortunately, this may have the consequence that it does not make me a great conversationalist. I don’t let the storyflow or allow the storyteller to move on, until I fix the anomaly in my mind.  Turns out, there are A

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Welcome to my blog! My name is Erubey Lopez. I live in San Diego, Calfornia. I plan to use this space for story telling, idea creation and local news.